Our Story;

I grew up in the heart of Cajun land in the small farming town of Grand Marais, Louisiana known for it’s fresh seafood, sugarcane and Mardi Gras…not to mention great cooking! Handed down through generations, my family used a unique recipe of blended spices that gives food an unbelievable flavor. 

It’s a special flavor that even after the meal is done, people would say “damn that was good!” It’s a spice that can be used on just about anything that’s in need of a good flavor. It’s great on everything from meats seafood, eggs to salads, beans and vegetables. 

It can be used as a rub or can be sprinkled on after cooking. It has less salt and more spices. Spices that make it all good…it’s all good! My family enjoys it and has been savoring it for years. We hope you enjoy as much as we do! Tell the world! It's All Good !!